2014 Ford F150 Atlas Price and Release

Monday, August 26th 2013. | Ford

Tacked on to the tip of the presentation of its new transit and transit connect industrial vans with the detroit auto show, Ford added a surprise showing of its Atlas full-size pickup concept. The Atlas may be a thinly veiled look into what Ford has planned for our production-spec 2015 F-150. As Ford is happy to inform anyone who can listen, the f-series pickup has also been the bestselling pickup within the whole u. S. For yesteryear 36 years. That’s necessary stuff, particularly considering gm simply unveiled its all-new full-size pickups, the 2014 chevrolet silverado and gmc sierra, that compete over the very same set of buyers. In step with Ford, the Atlas is an exploration of fuel-efficiency improvements, potential technologies, and capability advancements.

The design as to firmly the Atlas is unmistakable contemporary built Ford powerful, with bulging wheel arches, a drop-down beltline with the front doors, and a few as to firmly the biggest snarling grille nostrils ever seen on an F-150.
2014 ford f150 Atlas1 2014 Ford F150 Atlas Price and Release
Behind that outsized grille is consecutive generation of Ford’s twin-turbo ecoboost 3. 5-liter v-6, utilizing a “truck-enhanced” stop-start system. Alternative fuel-economy upgrades by the Atlas embody active grille shutters that shut for improved aerodynamics when cooling requirements are low and active wheel shutters that truly shut in the wheel vents at speed. The front air dam lowers at freeway speeds to enhance underbody airflow and is raised at lower speeds to clear off-road and around-town obstacles. Altogether, Ford expects a 2-mpg improvement in highway fuel economy because of these measures.

The 2014 Ford F150 Atlas Concept gets a chiseled grille, wide stance and beefy wheel arches. Ford said it will feature a “next-generation EcoBoost powertrain” that is expected to deliver fuel economy gains of up to 20 percent over larger-displacement engines. Powertrain specifications were not disclosed.

Not to be outdone by crosstown rival Ram and its fancy Ram Boxes, Ford has crammed as many clever new features into the Ford Atlas Concept, which is quite clearly the 2014 Ford F150 Atlas, as possible. These are the Atlas’ clever bits:

  • The tailgate step doubles as a cargo cradle, which can support items that have to be laid across the roof and down to the back of the bed.
  • LED-lit cargo box.
  • Hidden loading ramps slide out of the back of the truck.
  • 360-degree camera vision.
  •   Active aerodynamics in the form of grille shutters, wheel shutters, a drop down air-dam, and disappearing running boards.

The interior is full of leather and screens and some very clever removable aluminum-and-rubber floor mat tray things — possibly representing the pinnacle of floor mat technology. Also, the roof features an integrated cargo area/rack system for oversize bed cargo tie-downs or smaller item storage. All these features combine into a well-thought-out truck concept. View Gallery 2014 Ford F150 Atlas Picture

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