2015 Ford Bronco Preview

Tuesday, September 24th 2013. | Ford

2105 Ford Bronco might be a concept at this time since there is no detailed information available especially from the company. However, there is some information regarding the design, engine specifications and some new features added for this new model. Like its predecessor, the new model’s design is inspired by the previous model’s design such as a strong and durable look. It is obvious that the design does resemble how powerful the engine is.

Ford Bronco 2015 2015 Ford Bronco Preview

2015 Ford Bronco Specifications and Features

2015 Ford Bronco will have some engine choices such as a 4.5 liter diesel engine, a 3.5 liter engine and maybe a more powerful engine for a higher model. Designed with manual windows, a three door structure and a sporty look, there is no denying that Ford Bronco will be one of the most favorite cars in 2015. A better fuel economy system is sure to be a great feature. This way, there is a lot of money car enthusiasts can save. Since its first production in 1966, Ford Bronco has gained a quite reputable history. Ford Bronco is expected to bring some similar characteristics compared to its predecessor such as short wheelbase and box like roof line

2015 Ford Bronco Release Date and Its Price

Since there is no official information released by the company, we are not sure when the car is finally released. Some sources claim that the new model is expected to be available in 2015. As for its price, many have guessed that the there is no huge difference in terms of price. Will it be one of the most favorite cars in 2015? Well, there is no exact answer but if you are looking for a car that is powerful and looks strong, Ford Bronco is without a doubt the best choice. One thing for sure that 2015 Ford Bronco is worth the buy.