2015 Ford Expedition Redesign

Wednesday, August 7th 2013. | Ford

Vh89Rk54 2015 Ford Expedition Redesign The new 2015 Ford Expedition Redesign for 2014, however no such luck, we’ll have out to do when using the current Expedition originating from 2007 for yet one more year. A whole new 2015 Ford Expedition is nowadays set out to be released in late 2014. This would be a good match for you as it’s an suv primarily based of one’s f-150 series of Ford trucks, these are more along in development, and have now the next priority for Ford ( a lot of higher volume product ). Therefore if you do hear of any delays regarding the 2015 F-150, you’ll expect delays regarding the Expedition, as we are virtually sure there can be no manner Ford would unharness it ahead of one’s F-150.

CW49Di67 2015 Ford Expedition Redesign Interesting information that you have to know about this 2015 ford expedition is related to the type of engine that is predicted to be installed in this car series later. The type of engine is mentioned to be very interesting because it is actually a V8 engine. Unlike any other common V8 engine this engine is a special one. The reason is because it is also completed with 5.0L feature that will certainly make the car to be a powerful vehicle. Other than that, this engine also has 32-valve feature. Other good news that could possibly make the engine to be even better is that it is mentioned to be the one that will be applied in the base model of this car series. It means that there can possibly be some other better engine options for upper models of the car series.

2014 ford f 150 100424664 l 2015 Ford Expedition Redesign It is rather unfortunate that the release date of this future car is actually still a mystery. No one knows exactly about when this car will be released. Even it is still something unsure many parties mentioned that the late of 2014 is the time when this car will be offered for people to order. The car itself will be distributed in the year of 2015, the year that is also suitable to the name of this car series. In the meantime, let us hope that the concept of this car will be exhibited later in some future auto events that will be held in 2013 or 2014. This 2015 ford expedition concept is certainly something for all of us to wait for, especially because of the new engine applied to it.

YN18Td95 2015 Ford Expedition Redesign The fact that there can possibly be a new engine, 5.0L V8 engine with 32-valve, applied in 2015 ford expedition is something that makes this car to be worth it to wait for.