2015 Ford Ranger USA Preview

Sunday, September 29th 2013. | Ford

2015 Ford Ranger USA seems to be available in the next year as there are some rumors that have been spreading around. Expected to be a more powerful model compared to its predecessor, we are sure that the new Ford Ranger USA will have more serious performance. As we may already know, not so much information is given regarding the release of this new model, engine specifications and features. The main design will be similar compared to its previous model, the new Ford Ranger is basically an off road truck which has massive power but also comes with some improvements for the design as well.

2015 Ford Ranger USA 300x187 2015 Ford Ranger USA Preview


2015 Ford Ranger USA Engine Specifications and Features

Several improvements include reduce weight for a more powerful performance, a new design for a more stylish look and also some new features added. 2015 Ford Ranger USA is expected to deliver all good characteristics from the previous model combined with some improvements available. Unlike 2014 Ford Ranger USA which is designed as a family car, it seems that the new model is specifically designed as a tougher truck. Rumor has it that the new model will be able to carry more pounds, up to 700 pounds. It is rumored to come with the EcoBoost boost engine and is expected to more aerodynamic.

2015 Ford Ranger USA Release Date and Its Price

When is Ford Ranger USA released? Well, as mentioned earlier, there is no further information regarding the release date of this new model. If everything goes well, we can expect that the new Ford Ranger USA will be available in 2014. Meanwhile, there are other competitors in the same class which will be a serious competitor. The same thing goes with its price. One thing for sure, 2015 Ford Ranger USA will be a lot more powerful compared to its previous model.