2015 Kia Optima Preview

Friday, November 1st 2013. | Kia

2014 seems to be a great year where we can see more new models released and one of them is 2015 Kia Optima. For years, KIA has become one of the most popular car manufacturers, With some models released in 2015, Kia Optima seems to be a favorite car that many car enthusiasts have been waiting. So what are features and updates available for this new model?

STORY 11 Photo 2 kia optima 300x200 2015 Kia Optima Preview


2015 Kia Optima Features and Engine Options Available


The first aspect we want to discuss is its design. The design of 2015 Kia Optima is quite futuristic, stylish and comes with a more modern look compared to its previous generation. No further updates released so far but there is a little information we can get. The new model is expected to receive some minor updates including the use of new LED lights. While there will be 7 models released including Optima model, the new KIA optima is sure to catch lots of attention from many KIA fans. As for its engine specifications, KIA hasn’t confirmed anything except that there will a new engine option available, well, it means that KIA fans will be given with more choices when purchasing this new model.


2015 KIA Optima Release Date


Our main question is, when will the new Kia Optima be released? Rumor is that the new model will make its first debut in the early 2014 but we are not sure whether or not the rumor is true. The other information we have received is that the new model will also be available with more entertainment options for a more comfortable driving experience. Speaking about its price, we are sure that the price will be higher compared to its predecessor, it is quite reasonable, isn’t it? More updates about 2015 KIA Optima will be informed as soon as possible.