2017 Toyota Supra Preview

Tuesday, November 19th 2013. | Toyota

Well, it seems that there are more new cars released in 2014 and 2017 Toyota Supra seems to be one of those cars. Following the success of its previous model, Toyota Supra will bring some new updates for the new model including the use of a more powerful engine and more features added. Rumor is that the new model of Toyota Supra will be released in the end of 2007 but we are not sure whether or not this information is true. While there is no exact information regarding the release of Toyota Supra, we have some information about its features, engine specifications and other updates made for this new model.

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2017 Toyota Supra Engine Specifications and Features


The new 2017 Toyota Supra is expected to come with a rear wheel drive layout and is equipped with a big turbocharged engine. This will bring a more powerful performance and a more fun driving experience as well. The best part is that Toyota will also add the hybrid technology and if this is true, this will be a great addition for the Toyota Supra series. The model will be updated to bring a more powerful performance, a modified version of the previous of Toyota Supra seems to be available for this new model.


2017 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price


With some features added, we are sure that the new Toyota Supra will be a serious competitor among other new cars released in 2017. We also have other powerful and sporty cars such as Chevrolet but for Toyota fans, this new model is definitely one that is worth waiting. As for its price, there is no information available so far, however with the hybrid technology added, the price is sure to be higher. Find more updates about 2017 Toyota Supra until the car is finally released.