Honda Pilot 2015 Preview

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | Honda

If you are a big fan of Honda, chances are that you won’t miss more details about Honda Pilot 2015. Honda has confirmed that this new model will be released in 2014 with some changes especially for its exterior design. Following the success of its predecessor, Honda has decided to bring some characteristics from its previous model combined with more convenient features. The result is a more stylish car which comes with improved fuel economy. It sounds great, doesn’t it? There are also some major changes made especially for the interior part, better music systems, navigation systems and a futuristic interior design. Thanks to the use of a new and better six speed transmission, the new model is claimed to consume less fuel compared to Honda Pilot 2014.

2015 Honda Pilot  300x140 Honda Pilot 2015 Preview


Honda Pilot 2015 Interior Changes and Engine Specifications

As mentioned earlier, Honda 2015 will have improved fuel economy combined with the use of a more stylish design both for interior and exterior. The interior part will receive some significant changes, a more stylish look, a better audio and navigation system as well. Honda has decided to replace the existing silver panel with a glossy black center panel. In addition, the speedometer will also come with a more futuristic look allowing drivers to read information clearly. The aqua blue background illumination will be replaced with white background illumination which provides a more convenient driving experience during at night. As for its engine specifications, there is no detailed information available. One thing for sure that the new model will be more powerful.

Honda Pilot 2015 – The Best Family Car Ever

Honda Pilot is without a doubt will be a serious competitor among other cars in the same segment. Known for its durability, nice design and competitive price, there is no doubt that once the model is released, the new model will gain massive sales. Overall, Honda Pilot 2015 will be one of the most favorite cars released in 2015 that is worth a buy.