The New 2015 Honda Pilot Preview

Saturday, September 21st 2013. | Honda

There is still not much information available about New 2015 Honda Pilot but we are sure that there are some improvements made for this new model. As for design, engine specifications and fuel consumption, Honda has remained silent and keep the information from the public. Known as one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, many car enthusiasts would expect that the new model will have some significant improvements compared to its previous model both in design and engine specifications. Those who are a big fan of Honda must expect that the new model will have a redesigned model.

2015 Honda Pilot 300x198 The New 2015 Honda Pilot Preview

2015 Honda Pilot

New 2015 Honda Pilot Engine Specifications  

Rumor has it that the new 2015 Honda Pilot will be equipped with a more powerful engine. The new engine is sure to give a better driving experience. In terms of design, there is no official confirmation from Honda whether or not they will bring a new design including some minor changes for some parts such as the interior part. For years, Honda has gained a quite reputable history for its durability, excellent services and stylish design. Following its predecessor, the new model is expected to have a more efficient engine. The previous model is available in 4 trim levels and it seems that there won’t be any changes for the new model. LX, EX-L, EX and Touring are expected to be available for the new model. Following its predecessor, many would expect that the engine should be more powerful since the latest model comes equipped with a powerful V 6 engine.

New 2015 Honda Pilot Exterior and Interior Changes

As expected from Honda, the new model is rumored to have some minor changes both for interior and exterior parts. Will it be more stylish? Well, there is not much info we have so far but once there are some updates available, we will let you get informed. Be prepared for the new 2015 Honda Pilot!