New 2015 Honda Pilot Redesign

Monday, September 23rd 2013. | Honda

The rumor about 2015 Honda pilot redesign has been spreading around. No information available so far regarding its design. However, Honda claimed that the new Honda pilot redesign will come with some upgrades such as steering wheel controllers, cruise controller, back up camera, off-lamps, climate control mechanism and also an internal memory These features look great and are sure to give a better driving experience especially for Honda fans. There are also some safety features which will add its value such as anti lock brakes, air bags and also stability control. It is sure to gain lots of popularity compared to other competitors in the same class. Honda Pilot is designed to provide both comfort and style in one package.

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2015 Honda Pilot Redesign Engine Specifications  

Should you find a perfect crossover SUV which is offered at the most competitive price, there is no doubt that 2015 Honda Pilot redesign is on your list. Many would expect that the new model will have a more powerful engine. Well, is it true? Some trusted sources said that the new model will be powered by a 3.5 liter v6 which delivers power as much as 310 HP and is paired with the 6 speed automatic transmission. As for its design, the new model will be released in a more modern look including some changes made for the interior. When compared to its predecessor which is a bit bulky, the new model will have a more elegant shape, less boxy shape.

2015 Honda Pilot Redesign Minor Changes

Aside from some changes made for the interior and engine, this model will have a bigger capacity as it can accommodate up to 8 passengers. A pretty good idea especially for those who need a family car with a powerful engine. Unlike other family cars which lost their comfort aspect, the new 2015 Honda Pilot Redesign brings a more comfortable driving experience while accommodating more passengers.